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Anyone who needs a loan is usually in a hurry. The money should come quickly, but should also be granted very promptly. Many borrowers prefer a loan with an instant approval, but in many cases it is only attractive at first glance. It is important to pay careful attention to the further details.

Instant loan: what type of loan is it and what should be considered?

Instant loan: what type of loan is it and what should be considered?

A loan with an instant commitment belongs to the group of so-called instant loans. As a rule, the immediate approval is referred to in technical terms as a preliminary loan decision. This means that the financial institution reserves the right to withdraw the immediate commitment if, upon further examination of the loan agreement, it notices that it is impossible to obtain a loan in this case.

The preliminary loan decision has one main effect for the borrower: he can be certain that the bank is now undergoing an accelerated review process to determine whether he can get the loan or not. Another point to note about an instant loan is that such a loan says nothing about when it is actually paid out and is also often more expensive than other forms of credit in interest rates because it provides the instant loan.

Where can you get a loan with an instant commitment?

Where can you get a loan with an instant commitment?

Somewhat mockingly, a banker once remarked that the only true loan with immediate approval is if you spontaneously ask a private person for the loan and then receive it – or not. But the essence of the statement is actually of interest: Of course, you can get a loan with an instant confirmation from a private individual, but most people turn to one of the banks they know for this. In order to go into the accelerated process of granting a loan there, which leads to a preliminary loan decision, i.e. possibly an immediate approval, it is advisable to use the Internet. Many banks now offer the option of submitting the loan application online and thus starting the process.

In the network, you enter your further data on the platform of the respective bank, which should specifically point out in the descriptive text of the loan application that a preliminary loan decision will be made, and finally there will be a preliminary loan decision. It goes without saying that you have to be a customer of the relevant bank beforehand.

The Internet also offers numerous comparison portals where these types of instant loans are placed side by side. In this way you get the chance to find and take advantage of the cheapest loan with immediate approval.


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